Stay Safe on Facebook With These Key Tips

    Be wary of the various predators on social media

    For all the good that comes from having a Facebook account, there’s no point in kidding yourself, you are a player in Mark Zuckerberg’s network. Be wary of the various predators lurking there by employing these safety tips:

    Fully Read the Privacy Policy

    We know. Most of us are in the habit of just scrolling to the bottom and clicking the ‘Yes, I agree’ when it comes to terms and conditions. However, as incidents like the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows, all the cool functionality of Facebook and how connected it makes us all feel, comes at a price. So, familiarize yourself fully with the privacy policy.

    Never Share Your Location!

    We love telling everyone what we are up to, when we are doing it and where. However, as soon as you share your location on Facebook, you are putting your safety at risk. As well as opportunist burglars knowing when you are home and when you’re not, other predators can use this information for their own gain.

    Stop Tagging Friends

    It’s nice to tag friends, right? You get to share a memory with them, and you get to feel included in everyone’s lives. The problem is when you tag your friends into a picture or post, it’s not just them who can see it…their friends and friends of friends etc. can see it. In other words, people you don’t know.

    Prevent Your Profile from Appearing When Your Name is Searched

    Being always available online is great, when we are talking about nice people who know and love you trying to find you. What about all those unwanted people? Make good use of the ‘who can search for me’ section to control who can find you.

    In Digital Advertising Alliance

    We all know that Facebook and Google allow all sorts of companies to advertise directly to you. You can stop this from happening, though, by opting for them to remove you from their list through the Digital Advertising Alliance.