Accessories That a “Real Gamer” Needs

If you classify yourself as a true gamer, then you’re probably a massive fan of any equipment and accessories that can help improve and enhance the experience. In this post we look at some of the great gaming accessories available right now that you should consider adding to your setup.

The Razor DeathAdder Elite

The Razor DeathAdder Elite is gaming mouse that utilizes the most cutting-edge optical sensor in the world. It offers an esports-standard DPI of 16,000 and true tracking of 450-IPS. This is a real advantage that all gamers will want.

X-Rocker Spider 2.1 Wireless Armchair

Of all the gaming chairs available, we are most excited and think gamers should be too for the X-Rocker Spider 2.1 wireless armchair. There really is no way you can have a fully immersive gaming experience without a suitable gaming chair and the X-Rocker Spider with 2 speakers, 3 motors and Bluetooth connectivity meaning you don’t need pesky cords, this chair elevates, swivels, tilts and vibrates. It’s also fully compatible with the main gaming devices and systems.

Motospeed CK61 keyboard

To go with the armchair and mouse, you need a sterling gaming keyboard and there is really none quite as good as the Motospeed CK61. This mechanical RGB option not only lights up with 14 different colors, it provides a full keyboard experience without any issues and a fast response time. All the switches are mechanical, and it’s been designed to meet e-sports standards. It’s just awesome.

Samsung CHG90 QLED monitor

Are you sick of having to invest in two screens to experience the full game in all its glory as the developers intended? Then you need to consider the incredibly large and wide, curved OLED CHG90. 49-inches of 32:9, this is truly innovative and one of the best visual treats for gamers available.

Focal Utopia Hearing Aids They may have been referred to as the world’s best headphones and may have a high-ticket price, but they live up to it. They provide a frequency response of 5Hz up to 50kHz. With amazing clarity, dynamics, neutrality and realism, they live up to the hype and price tag