5 Essential Watches Every Man Should Own

If you don’t like leaving the home without a watch on your wrist of some kind, you probably already know there are five basic types of watches. In the following post, check out the main five and why it may be a good idea to own one of each, for different uses and purposes.

Dress Watch

Dress watches tend to be more refined and sophisticated in their appearance than other types. They are specifically designed with aesthetics in mind and to accompany a good suit or other outfit and can be worn for special occasions and to social gatherings and business functions.

Field Clock/Watch

A field clock or field watch is a timepiece with a highly durable construction and design that is also very simple and built for everyday use out and about.

Dive Watch

A dive watch, as you may have guessed from the name, is designed to offer the wearer access to handy metrics related to their underwater adventures. They also benefit from having a sturdy and waterproof construction that makes them perfect for wearing submerged completely in water.

Aviator Watch

Another self-explanatory name really, aviator watches were originally used specifically by pilots and flight crews on a plane to help with the timing of maneuvers and other metrics related to the plane.

Racing/Driving Watch

Again, self-explanatory really, but racing or driving watches feature special additions to the traditional wristwatch design such as a tachymeter and chronograph dials. They can be used to track speed, time and distance among other metrics important when you are driving or racing, whether it’s against opponents or your own personal best times.